NEET PG 2021 Achievers talk


Koncpt Next NEET PG 2021 Achievers talk

NEET PG 2021

To All Future Specialist from KoncptTrichy Group, Energetic wishes from Dr.Ramanan.G

Regional institute of ophthalmology, MMC.

KONCPT-2019 Trichy.

Give me a smile, please ;

 Step – I hope you all are doing your best, and take a moment to appreciate your efforts by feeling positive Vibes from this moment,

Sept-2 very important days begins here

This is mainly for those who faced various hurdles in works or in health.

You all are doing your maximum efforts to get the best.

 Nothing stops you, remember every day say yourself you are a force.

Think BIG


  • INDIVIDUALS- no space-occupying people (SOL’s) avoid them who waste your time and energy.


  • Imagine and repeat every day with hope.
  • Just came here to share some important topics which I felt you must revise repeatedly for CENTRAL AND NEET-PG 2021 will share in the next post.

 Basic rules

  • MCQs are going to be clinical scenarios from Anatomy to pediatrics.
  • Check previous year paper 2020 NEET AND AIIMS

Must to do

  • ( No more one-liners)
  • Any can be a topper if they revise 3 times effectively and solve, revise 5k to 10k questions in all subjects with answers It’s that much simple.
  • Time management will come only when you do 10-20 grand tests very very important
  • I’ll share the 10 most important topics to revise in the next post.