NEET PG 2020 Preparation Success Strategy

NEET PG 2020-Preparation and Success

NEET PG 2020 Preparation Success Strategy

How was it, to go through NEET PG 2020?

Hi guys, my name is Dr.Gaurav Shybinth Sathyavrdhan who is currently perusing MD ANAESTHESIOLOGY in KASTURBA MEDICAL COLLEGE MANGALURU, MANIPAL UNIVERSITY, I’m here to share about my personal experience about the way I looked at NEET PG preparation.


The idea of serious preparation all began in the month of April, 2019, when I thought that I should get in through this hurdle, just after completing my internship, mainly for 2 reasons, one I didn’t want to sit a year for ONLY studying, which I very well know I wouldn’t be doing and the other is due to some personal reasons. I unlike reading study material, read the textbook of each subject, and my god reading Kaplan, a standard textbook in Psychiatry took me one solid month, but I could manage my time and made use of my SPM posting to cover many important topics, but as you could see my preparation was not that organized just aimed at finishing the smaller topics 1st and then the real giants. But the outlook of my preparation changed, when, I got enrolled in Koncpt Chennai, where I went for just a crash course, just 2 months prior exams, this helped me in great deal to organize what I had already learnt, and Dr.Rajamahendran sir’s class and most of the other faculties were so experienced and knowledge gaining, that they could make us believe that we could actually finish many of the high yield topics of each subject in those limited time. Adding on top was, Dr.Anton sir’s positive energy coupled with immense motivation, made us believe that we (those doing internship) could actually crack NEET, that was really a confidence booster and thank you so Dr. Anton sir was making us believe in ourselves and providing a helping hand for those who really needed help in the most crucial part of their medical career.


A bird’s eye of how the things go post NEET, many calculations would pop-up in your head, about the no. of questions attended, many times those questions where you would have tried your luck will 2 disturb us throughout till the final results come, to keep it very simple, just attend what you know ,that is the best and simple strategy I followed, for those who feel that luck can be a major contributor can try so, no harm, but be watchful of those 50-50 chances as well as those if luck doesn’t favour it can really drag your rank drastically in my case I attended only 210 questions I got 170 right, even with the mark I got, for the very same mark there were 1500 candidates, I being the 1 st for the mark I scored, so that’s the difference guys. Watch your step!!!!


This year as you all know it was a simple and easy paper but yeah more clinical, and hence the cutoff was high according to the 50th percentile formula, but as I could see if you had any rank less than 9000 AIR, you could get a Govt college clinical seat in Tamil Nadu, so I’m just emphasing that the competition is going to a lot tougher for the 2021 NEET, so keep your attended-questions count in a positive way. A SPECIAL NOTE-NEVER LOSE YOUR PREPARATION STRATEGY AFTER THE EXAMS CONTINUE IT TILL YOU GET A SEAT, because the real competition occurs during the counseling process’s NEVER LOSE HOPE, think intelligently and make wise choice-filling according to the mark you have scored and not according to your wish, everyone wants to go to MMC, Stanley in Tamil Nadu, but marks too should speak, that’s the real trick there in counseling’s BE WISE STAY TILL THE GAME ENDS!!!!


I, like my teachers who have taught me, won’t say NEET-PG is life or the end of life, it’s just a 1st step to rather a longer learning curve.

From my NEET PG 2020 experience I can say that the preparation should be really focused, never to lose concentration at any point, have great self-confidence but not to turn it up like overconfidence and become less stressed during the preparation phase and mainly during the exam day.

I take this as an opportunity to thank all my teachers and motivators (KONCEPT, CHENNAI) without whom these things would have been unimaginable and all the very best to each and everyone who is preparing for NEET PG 2021 and other National exams to come. All the very best guys