NEET PG 2020 Experience – Koncpt Next-PG

NEET PG 2020 Experience – Koncpt Next

I am Karthik. I did my M.B.B.S., in Government medical college, Sivagangai. We were the second batch of the college. So, we didn’t have much guidance regarding our PG preparation. Few of my seniors informed me about KONCPT and their classes being held only at weekends. We were also allowed to attend trial classes, on how they teach and conduct weekly tests on a regular basis. We were not ready to attend classes for an entire month and then learn, by that time everything would have been evaporated. So, immediately after the internship, we decided to join Koncpt. We had perfectly scheduled classes, and the schedule was given even before the course has begun. So, we were prepared mentally even before the class. Classes will be in order. We will have, Anatomy before Surgery. In between long subjects, we will have short subjects. So, we were not bored with our schedule. Weekend classes gave us plenty of time in the weekdays to learn those portions. We used to learn notes, first. Then will workout Mcq from the author’s books, given in our center. Each morning we used to revise the previous day portions for 2 hours. These morning revisions gave us positive energy to move forwards. Every week we used to have tests, and we used to prepare well and write tests regularly irrespective of our results. After the results, we were given prizes, though small gifts they encouraged us a lot. Receiving small chocolate as a gift still accounts for a doctor who keeps learning throughout his life.

Study time:

First 6 months – 6 hours per day

Next 2 months – 8 hours per day

Last month – 10 hours per day

Last 10 days 12 hours per day

Grand tests:

First 6 months – 1 per month

Next 2 months – 2 per month

Last month – Nil

Stress management:

First 6 months – one full day out/rest in a week

Next 2 months – one-day rest in 15 days

Last month – daily exercise/play for 1 hour in the evening

The last 10 days – cycling for 1 hour. 

Our classes were over by September. So we had enough time available to complete the remaining portions and for revision. 
I planned 5 revisions. One after every class from April to September. 2nd revision for 2 months, then 3rd and 4th revision in 1-month duration. Last revision 1 week before neet. Last week we learned those facts, which are easily forgotten and numerical

  • Subjects revised in final days before the exam
  • Biochemistry,
  •  Pharmacology,
  •  Microbiology
  • 2 days before exam – SARP3 days before exam – OOO & FM
  • 4 days before exam – Pathology, Physiology, Pediatrics 
  • 5 days before exam – Anatomy, Surgery, SPM
  • 6 days before exam – medicine, OG
  • Morning of the exam – crisp points made by me (my notes)
  • At the end of the preparation, I am happy that I was able to crack it in my first attempt. 
My mark - 677
AIR - 13220
TN rank - 1886
Got MS ENT in All India quota.