How to manage the stress for MBBS students?

How to manage Stress in MBBS Students

How to manage the stress for MBBS students?

How to manage Stress in MBBS Students
How to manage Stress in MBBS Students

Stress factors

  1. Competition in reading
  2. Love
  3. Friends
  4. Teachers

All students who join medicine by Merit are knowledgeable. So there will huge fight when compared to plus 2 time. But don’t worry not all medalist are successful in life, not all failures are unsuccessful in life. So take learning in easy way. Ignore the person who irritates you by showing off. I still remember my batch mates who were showing off always.    Love is universal phenomena, due to hormonal act which drives the world. But everyone in college in a batch will be roaming behind good looking girl. I still remember the words from my senior, a good looking girl or boy excreta are not sandal smelled. So keep going boys. Ready to accept any failure friends.

Friends are real support for anyone. But a person, you feel like good friend may not be actually for you. You will know the true colors now and then. But to have good friendship, don’t expect anything; but give more, more friendliness, more Love, more attachment etc. Don’t mingle with anyone since his family is powerful. But always tell your friends circle, we will be powerful Nanba. Friendship is always give and take. But if you don’t like close friendship with someone, be friend; that’s all. Don’t make anyone as enemy. Long way to go friends. Teachers – There are many incidents, some teachers behave like irritating way, which will definitely affect us. But don’t take it into heart as UG students, rather think that they are themselves not mentally sound. Life is very short Nanba, always be happy.

Enjoy every second boys. Try to do everything in college days, that won’t come back again. I miss my UG days lot My friends, My college girls, My juniors, My volley ball, My NCC, My beloved seniors (my seniors are real guide for me in my life. So many seniors have shaped me. Dr. C. Saravanakumar, dr. Ravikumar, Dr. Jayakrishnan, dr. Sivaraman, Dr. Rajamahendran)

With Happy & Love,

Dr. Antan Uresh Kumar Urologist Founder,

President Koncpt NEXT / NEET PG / NEET SS Coaching Centre

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    Great Motivation Nanba…

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